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The data controller for this information is Stirling Council.   

Why do we capture personal data? 

To allow us to attend premises to support people who need emergency assistance when directed to do so by the telecare team at Stirling Council Reablement and Tec Services 


To analyse our response to calls and ensure operational efficiency. 


What personal data do we capture? 

To allow us to attend calls we capture: 

  • Name 
  • Address including postcode 
  • Phone number 
  • Key safe details including code 
  • Details of relevant medical conditions  
  • Details of the outcome of our visit to the premises 


This data is then destroyed at the end of each shift. 


How do we collect this information? 

Details passed to us by Stirling Council Reablement and Tec Services. 


From attending incidents, including from dialog with people present. 


Where do we store this information? 

Anonymised data is recorded on our secure incident management software “d4h” 


How long do we keep the data? 

Anonymised data is kept indefinitely. 


Who do we share data with? 

Data on the outcome of the call is passed back to Stirling Council Reablement and Tec Services. In specific instances data may be passed to the emergency services e.g. NHS 24 or the Scottish Ambulance service. 

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Privacy Policy

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