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Financial Transactions 


Why do we capture personal data? 

To allow us to process donations and other financial transactions as required by law and to comply with accountancy best practices.   

To communicate with donors who have a legitimate interest in hearing from the team 


What personal data do we capture? 

We capture: 

  • Name 
  • Address including postcode 
  • Phone number 


How do we collect this information? 

Information provided along with donations, or captured in the normal course of running a business e.g. supplier details etc. 


Where do we store this information? 

Stored securely within a locked filing cabinet. 


How long do we keep the data? 

Data is kept for 7 years to comply with charity rules and accountancy best practice. 


Who do we share data with? 

Data is not shared. 


Who has access to the data? 



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Privacy Policy

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